Personalized service: You will always be able to communicate with your attorney directly, without going through an assistant and your attorney will be the only person working on your case. We always answer our clients' questions by the end of the following business day, and usually we do it the same day. We usually answer questions by email.

Business hours: In order to best serve our clients, we have a very flexible schedule. We will always try to find a meeting time that works for you and have some appointments available on Saturday afternoons and Sundays upon request.

Appointments: We see clients only by appointment, even if it is just to drop off a document. You can make an appointment by phone, email, or text.

Initial consultation: Immigration law is not "one size fits all." It shouldn't be but is a very complex area of the law. Two cases that on the surface appear to be identical may differ greatly because of  "details" that are actually extremely important. In order to correctly assess your case and come up with the best strategy for your situation, your attorney needs to have all the relevant information. This is why the initial consultation is extremely important. An initial consultation takes about an hour to an hour and a half, but some may take longer. The fee for the initial consultation is $150. If you decide to hire us to work on your case, the consultation fee will be deducted from the total fee for the work.

Fees: Most of our cases are charged on a "flat fee" system. This means that we will tell you at the time of the consultation how much we will charge for working on your case. A flat fee is based on the estimated amount of work  hours that your case will require. It also includes the time that we will spend on emailing you, talking to you over the phone, or texting you, meeting with you, and mailing your case. However it does not include the fees that the government charges to process your applications, the fees charged by experts if we need expert opinions (such as a psychologist for an evaluation) and it does not include additional work caused by the client or by the government. The work required to fix problems caused by the client or by the government is not included in the flat fee and will require an additional contract and payment.

Contract: If you hire us, we will sign a contract that states the type of work you have hired us to do for you, the fee we charge for it, the fee the government charges for it, and the method of payment we have agreed on. The contract also explains how we work, what you can expect from your attorney and what we need from you when it comes to cooperation and communication.

Payments: We accept checks, cash, money orders and payments by debit or credit cards. We  will work with you on a monthly payment plan at a very low interest rate upon request.

The contents of this website are for general information purpose only. They do not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as creating any kind of attorney/client relationship. Only a written contract signed by both parties will create an attorney/client relationship with The Koch Law Firm, LLC.

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